La Cabana hosts a Team Building Outing for Managers & Supervisors

EAGLE BEACH – La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino recently hosted a day of team building for its managers and supervisors, taking them out of the resort for a change of scenery and a full day of activities.

The day, organized by WannaGo Outdoors, began with a bus ride to Mangel Halto, where the group was divided into teams and challenged to participate in various team building exercises, meant to help them focus on cooperation, trust, communication, leadership skills and fun. The team challenges were designed to help the managers and supervisors get to know each other better and reveal unknown skills and talents, as well as stimulate open and transparent communication, thereby boosting trust. While enjoying the fun exercises, the team members reflected on communication issues and feedback processes, helping them grow as a person and team, and getting insight into strong leadership.

After completing the various exercises and announcing the winning group, everyone was whisked off to De Palm Island, where they enjoyed a nice lunch before some relaxation time.

Our photos show the group of Managers and Supervisors, enjoying a great time while also improving their work and personal skills.

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June 10, 2017
Rona Coster