La Cabana focuses on Health & Wellness  during the Annual Health Week

The Department of Human Resources, collaborated with the Green and Health Committee to produce the annual Health Week, in the last week of July, at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino.

The week aimed at kick-starting the Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle, and the presentations given to associates during that week focused on the necessary steps to be taken.

The week’s program starred a diverse set of presenters such as Donna Upegui who spoke about the importance of being happy within and finding the internal balance among all life’s components.

Dr. Robert Leal, was also a guest speaker. He elaborated on the neurological structure of the male & female minds and why their differences are essential to keeping the balance between sexes.

The third day was relaxation-filled as Shamila Thijsen presented the benefits of Aromatherapy while offering products to test and to buy.

The fourth day was handled by the resort’s family members. Naisa Nurse shared insights on Healthy Living, being conscious of what one consumes and how one conducts his/her life, springing from her own experience.

The final day concluded with a workout session by Coach Frabricio who also gave a small lecture explaining the importance of physical activity and the benefits it brings into our daily life.

On the final day of Health Week, five associates were awarded raffle prizes, in the form of gift certificates, provided by generous sponsors: Marlyn de Oliveira, by Citro Spa, Jason Martijn, and Diego van Kempen, by Superfood, Catherine Martinez, by La Cabana’s Health Club & Lynette do Nascimento, by Islander Bar & Grill.

Thank you presenters for your valuable time congratulations winners, and best wishes to all associates for a progressively healthier lifestyle from now on.  or their participation in Health Week.


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August 11, 2019
Rona Coster