La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino Treated Elderly Residents of Marie Stella Nursing Home to a Delicious Lunch, to Brighten up Father’s Day


Eagle Beach — La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino delivered meals, hand-shakes and smiles to Marie Stella’s 160 residents and staff members, wishing them a happy Father’s Day.

About 10 resort staffers, with Food and Beverage Director Pierre Kock, helped serve meals and wish elderly an enjoyable Father’s Day weekend. It was a positive opportunity to interact and connect with the elderly, who welcomed the visitors and truly enjoyed the meal and the company.

“We are very aware of our social responsibilities,” said Pierre Kock, “and dedicate resources and energy to serving our guests our associates and our community. Serving lunch at the elderly home,” he added,” was a much-enjoyed experience, and we’re planning to repeat it during the holiday season, letting the elderly know, they are not forgotten.”

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June 18, 2017
Rona Coster