La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino Honors its Super Stars of the Fourth Quarter

As is tradition, associates and management at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino recently came together to honor the resort’s top performing associates of the quarter, honoring their achievements for the fourth quarter of 2016.

The event singled out three top-achievers, Seferina Werleman, of Housekeeping for October, Naisa Nurse, of the Health Club for November, and Julio Cesar Maduro of the Pool and Beach Department, for December.

Management also applauded Juraima Henriquez of Pool and Beach for her exceptional efforts during the month of October, Rowgan Cobrador, also of Pool and Beach Department for the month of November, and Rene Wild of the Health Club, for December.

The appreciation ceremony also acknowledged the achievements of resort supervisors Zoila Danje, Kitchen, and Rocio Velasquez of Housekeeping, however it was Velasquez who won the ultimate honors as Supervisor of the Fourth Quarter of 2016.

As is the custom at the quarterly ceremony, nominees for the team of the Fourth Quarter of 2016 were announced, with the Public Area Team beating out the Pool and Beach, and Activities Teams to win the ultimate recognition.

Pictured here are some happy moments from the awards ceremony.

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December 21, 2016
Rona Coster