La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club promotes its $25 Million dollar renovation-project to guests and associates

Introducing renovations to membershipDuring the first week of May 2008 La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club embarked on an ambitious three-year renovation project.

While the resort has already undergone renovations before, in the various pool areas, and on its roof, also replacing refrigeration units and furniture, nevertheless the current architectural and interior design plans are the most extensive in its 17 years of existence.

“The resort,” says the special newsletter dispatched to all owners on behalf of management “will be renovated from floor to ceiling, tip to toe.”

The renovations will naturally create challenges for the otherwise always busy property and for that reason P.I.P.A. was created, an internal organization design to inform about the process and facilitate operation with the goal of protecting visitors’ vacation experience while allowing the work to go on.

P.I.P.A. – People in Positive Action – was born as part of the preparations for the construction. The initiative intends to also support associates emotionally and spiritually as they deal with the ‘under construction’ disruption. It will surely have a trickle down effect so that each department is in the loop and aware of the complete goings-on.

As a means of introducing P.I.P.A. the group organized two workshop days in the conference room, inviting associates to drop by and hear about the intense preparations made by Rooms, Accounting, Reservations, Security and Housekeeping, as well as the Green Brigade and the Emergency Brigade.

Associates were informed of the designs, the colors, the furniture and the systematic way in which over the next three years, wing after wing, rooms will be put out of order in 12 different phases and overhauled by local contractor Konstruktiva, who won the open bid.

The special assessments reports P.I.P.A. were well-received by owners who are very pleased with the upcoming upgrades.

General Manager Joe Najjar inaugurated the expo by symbolically lighting the room up, and gave the project a green light.

Picture here P.I.P.A. members in their hard hats making presentations to associates.

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May 10, 2008
Rona Coster