Knife at the Throat

The MinPres in her press conference yesterday talked decisively, she informed salary cuts are done, no arguments, please, there is a knife at our throat, resistance is futile.

She expressed her dismay that those who were asked to sacrifice 12.6% do all the complaining while 37.000 individuals in the private sector sacrificed 40% to 100% of their pay, and THEY were NOT out in the street protesting.

It’s time for solidarity, she explained not egoism.

According to MinPres, GOA sat with 12 labor unions, and each of them wanted a customized agreement regarding salary cuts which is impossible. “To be in government,” she said,” is to make decisions and the decisions were made.” Effective May 1st, all salary cuts are in place for all GOA’s employees and all GOA related entities.

Welcome to democracy, she confirmed, where majority rules, and that’s it.

She did acknowledge a hitch, the hospital employees belong to a government-sponsored entity, and are not directly employed by GOA, but they got a letter of instructions, and shouldn’t act irresponsibly, she stated.

Then to clarify her message she added: If they don’t comply, the economy will CRASH.

We can’t tailor agreements, we must comply, and stop acting like prima donnas. That’s my interpretation.

She had no makeup on, her glamour subdued, somber clothes, no jewelry, she asked twice for a drink of water. This wasn’t easy, but she faced the music courageously.

Which the Minister of Health DID NOT, but that comes in the next column.

ONE OF MY ECONOMIST FRIENDS SUGGESTS: DO A 40% REDUCTION ACROSS THE BOARD, PUBLIC SECTOR, PUBLIC COMPANIES, SEMI-PUBLIC AND ALL GOVERNMENT ENTITIES. People then may work at 60%, if they want to work more, great, but do work less, and get paid less, and the country will dig itself out of the hole, faster.  

We were waiting for big announcement of cuts of AZV costs, but we got a whisper instead of a roar! After much apology, the MinPres reported some small transport cuts for 155 hemodialysis patients and 35 peritoneal dialysis patients. She was tender, but firm.

Then it was the turn of the MinHealth!

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June 16, 2020
Rona Coster