Just one more Mojito, Please

Friday Night is Party Night, at least it was for the International Friends of Aruba who held their Dinner Club at Cuba’s Cookin last week. Members enjoyed a full meal and downed a few drinks (including a number of Cuba’s Cookin’s fabled mojitos) all accompanied by live music from Yessie and Ramon.

IFA holds a Dinner Club event every two months as part of their many activities on the island to advance international understanding, cultural exchanges and goodwill among our multi national members and to help people achieve a better understanding of the way of life in Aruba. IFA has members from around 15 different countries and we welcome anyone to get in touch and see what we are up to. If you would like more information about the IFA please visit the website at www.ifaruba.com or contact us via email on [email protected]


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November 26, 2008
Rona Coster