Just do it

Imagine I wrote a column, fact-checked it, proofed it, then held on to it in the DRAFT box without posting.
It doesn’t make any sense.

Why did I write it, if I did not intend to post it?

Imagine I compiled the Bible, a fat important book, 1,200 pages, 67 chapters, some say 73, an extensive literary work, then wasn’t sure about the Iambic pentameter in one of the Psalm, and decided to delay publication, just because a tiny pattern or rhythm, of one line of poetry, at the end of the book, was perhaps questionable?

Then the Bible would not have been published and we would have never known about the creation of the world and the human history that followed….

Which brings me to the Aruba parliament.

At the beginning of the millennium our Civil Code was updated, thirteen years in arrear, having hemmed and hawed over the updates, since 1986.

In recent years there has been an attempt to update it again. Catching up with the times, and with legal updates from the Netherlands.

The Civil Code cannot be frozen in time, and indeed the legal department reviewed it, it has been agreed upon, all our parliament must do it push the activation button, there is nothing to further debate, nothing to do, but launch.

Yet they keep postponing.

And the worse part, they don’t say WHY????

Independent parliamentarian Daphne Lejuez posed the question this week.

But they never answered her.

Is there a Covid19 outbreak among parliamentarians that prevents them from showing up to work?


The venerated genius chairman cites caution, and safeguards. But that’s baloney. Because Parliament had meetings mid pandemic. Sure about important stuff, booting MLT out, but our Civil Code has to wait.

Why aren’t they pulling the trigger?

Our updated Civil Code deals with name changes, inheritances, labor conditions, paternity issues, it has many people pending, many issues hanging.

And our courts in anticipation of the updates in the Civil Code have already ruled in the spirit of those tweaks, even before they were introduced, setting precedences.

So, what’s the hold up?

The Civil Union issue?

What aren’t you saying, when you’re just kicking the can further down the road?

And you keep touting integrity and transparency?

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February 17, 2021
Rona Coster