Juan Camilo spreads his wings

jc-ppc-5The team of Professional Pest Control gathered to wish Juan Camilo success in his future undertakings as he is leaving the company to pursue his ambition to operate his own business, in a related pest control field.

Managing Director Anthony Wever praised Juan Camilo’s dedication and commitment which when it was paired with his keenness to learn and innate enthusiasm made Juan Camilo a success story.

Juan Camilo, Wever explains, joined Professional Pest Control as a service man. He was well-schooled in the subject of pest control and accepted the challenge of starting from the bottom and making his way up to become the company’s Sales and Commercial Division Manager.

Recently he expressed the wish to branch out to the bird and dove control niche, with his own company, which Wever says complements the services rendered by Professional Pest Control without competing with it.

“I see it as a very positive development,” Wever states, “and we are proud of Juan Camilo’s decision, his career path should inspire and encourage others to follow their dreams and spread their wings.”

Pictured here, the get-together at the Professional Pest Control headquarters as Juan Camilo is presented with a gift and wishes for success, from his peers and Managing Director Anthony Wever.

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February 20, 2009
Rona Coster