It’s their party and they do what they want, OR Mike de Meza out, Glenbert Croes in

Media reports stated recently that PMEC, Project Management & Engineering Consultancy NV, which has been working for RdA – since 2000, as an engineering firm — was unceremoniously fired by CITGO Aruba Refinery NV, effective the end of September.

Workers at PMEC were however told that the new general contractor about to be hired will be absorbing them and that their jobs weren’t compromised.

I now believe that my story from about one year and a half ago, indicating the perhaps former minister Mike de Meza was the totally-silent owner of that company, was true, and that now that MEP is in power CITGO is obliged to play favorites, leaning toward MEP-friendly companies and showing all those who supported AVP the door.

At the time, I got a letter from a lawyer rejecting my speculations and urging me to refrain from guessing since Jairo Wever was at the helm of that company and no one else.

I don’t feel sorry for PMEC, they get a taste of their own medicine now, and I am hopeful that workers will find placement within the new company, a MEP-related contractor A.D.K.Y., Design Development & Construction, which is owned by a man with a familiar last name, Ralph Wever, who also owns Pro Q Engineering, but negotiations are still ongoing.

So, what don’t we like about this?

This is nepotism at its best, with the minister of Labor and Social Affairs at the center.

Apparently, he met with Dutch Caribbean RdA and Luis Marquez, CITGO Aruba VP & GM to discuss who should benefit from working at the refinery. I understand that the minister in charge of signing work permits made it clear that yellow is in, green is black-listed and out.

In the words of American President Theodore Roosevelt: When you hold them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.

And I am not telling you anything new, this is all part of main stream media and an upcoming lawsuit, PMEC Vs. CITGO for dismissing the company without adequate cause – other than we don’t like you, it’s the wrong color, we would like to grant lucrative work privileges to our people.

Mind you, CITGO owes PMEC loads of money, which they will have to cough up, but then again RdA owns everyone a lot of money but no one utters a word for fear of being terminated; it took a monumental effort to get in the door, they are not about to complain.  

So basically, Mike de Mesa out, Glenbert Croes in

I remember not so long ago the venerated minister tried to pull the same stunt at AAA, where he attempted to ‘influence’ the way things work, via a puppet chairman. Luckily the ploy failed, and AAA is holding up.

Incidentally, is the contract with Schiphol finally signed? I hope so, that would assure the success of our airport, with Schiphol group at the helm instead of Buchi Cunucu, with all due respect to Buchi, with whom I’d like to go to Happy Hour, not run a key industry.

For those who missed: Aruba souring on Citgo upgrader: Update

 ARGUS Article 20 Sept., 2018

It seems like GOA could go after CITGO much sooner than October 2020 with regards to defaulting on the agreement, charging an anticipatory breach of contract.  In any way, they should be demanding a monthly progress schedule with earned values, which is certainly not rocket science!  The article references “early September” as the start of Phase 2, but they have not hired any new local contract employees to work on the project!

Time for GOA to put some performance metrics, not only on CITGO, but on the entire RdA board and management!


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September 27, 2018
Rona Coster