It’s Monday

Our parliament is supposed to put the date on the Civil Code updates, everything else has been done, debated and approved, if they place the date, that piece of legislation will go into effect.

True, somewhere in the back of the document civil union for same-sex couples is included, but that is only a small part among other much more important amendments.

Will they sign?

Will they decided to add a comma or a semi-column to the text?

That would kick the can further down the road, for a while longer.

I am taking bets.

Will the civil code update be signed under the present government?

ACCION 21 reports the public is ready:

For Same Sex Couple: Civil Union, 49% pro, 32% against, 19% don’t know

Marriage, 46% pro, 37% against, 17% don’t know.

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March 01, 2021
Rona Coster