It was a very touching chant: Thank you Divi for the Airco.

On Tuesday morning 8am, the kids of elementary school Pius X in Dakota were waiting outside in the schoolyard, on the freshly laid asphalt, in a neatly arranged circle waiting for the headmistress to lead them in the morning prayer, followed by an exciting breakthrough.


Divi & Tamarijn All-Inclusive facilitated the installation of 12 air-conditioners in classrooms, previously left to sizzle in the heat under uninsulated corrugated roof panels.

It was a long process, beginning in March, when an electrician went through the school wiring, redoing the installation. The work had to be inspected by ELMAR, then Crown came in to hook things up.

Divi’s Managing Director, Alex Nieuwmeyer, pressed the remote, cool air started flowing in, like magic.

The school was apparently on the list for air-conditioning, but the list is long.

SKOA, Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs, the foundation running 15 kindergartens, 25 elementary schools, 5 secondary schools and 1 school for students with special needs, still has 18 school without.

SKOA director Anuesca Baly was on hand to express gratitude to Divi and to ponder which other local companies will come to the rescue of the other 18 schools, melting away!  

We stood outside in a circle. All kids seemed impeccably groomed in their little yellow polo shirts and freshly combed morning-hair, they did not mind waiting for the ceremony to unfold, they were missing the first hour of the third-day of school and seemed OK with that.

The headmistress led the morning prayer, Our Father, students crossed themselves judiciously, then sang the school’s anthem, filled with gratitude and praise.

Any day, which starts with a prayer and a song is a good day, said the headmistress.

It was a touching moment, my eyes welled a bit, as she led two hundred little voices in a charming chant: Thank you Divi for the Airco.

The school, while seemingly in good shape, needed a fresh coat of paint, it was not painted over the summer vacation.

Where is the PTA, I wondered?

Is there a PTA.

The balloons and confetti also surprised me, I thought we could do away with that. Sure, for environmental reasons. I was fine with the air horn. It added to the applause.

The two girls who welcomed the day’s visitors at the school gate, 6 graders, spoke no English, which surprised me.

Divi & Tamarijn All Inclusive was paired with Pius X on the Kids Council platform, initiated by Dutch Princess Laurentien in which local 6 graders got to brainstorm resolving adult challenges, in hospitality.

The initiative, now in its fourth year, resulted in collaboration beyond Kids Council, and Divi & Tamarijn All Inclusive deserves recognition for the ONGOING good work it does in our community.   

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August 21, 2019
Rona Coster