Iris photography

Suzy Verbrugge is a popular, local, professional photographer, you will find her under Reflections Photography, serving the tourist market. Her specialty is people, and she managed to capture memorable occasions without being intrusive or demanding, her images are effortless and spontaneous, poignant and reflective, against the unique backdrop of Aruba’s landscape.

Last year she was introduced to EyeMazy photography. Struck by the artistic quality of the product she decided to bring it to Aruba and is now offering Iris Photography at a new kiosk at Paseo Herencia creating beautiful art, individual and personal pieces, designed with the magic of nature and technology.

We take a photo of your iris using the specialized EyeMazy photobox, she explains, we then carefully optimize the photo, keeping original colors and patterns, then print your new art in a variety of sizes and on different materials, such as acrylic, metal, aluminum, or attached to a photo block or wood box.

While visitors leave the kiosk with a quality prints of their enlarge and enhanced iris, all other premium prints are shipped directly to homes in the USA, surprising recipients with up to four and five iris images together, on a Panorama.

EyeMazy, can enlarge the unique and individual iris structures and colors with their photo technology and display it in any size and shape with unique photo editing. The hidden beauty of our eye, is forever on display, as a one of a kind expression of our personality.

EyeMazy started in the garage, by a technology and photography fanatic, and was launched in Germany in 2013. Since then, the concept of personal and unique art of photography has fascinated many happy clients all over the globe. It is now an international business which prides itself on outstanding photo quality and excellent customer service.

FYI: Each iris is unique because it is created from the DNA that we receive from our parents and ancestors. And that is why we always says: The eye is the window to the soul.

Our eyes say a lot about us!

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May 11, 2023
Rona Coster