Investigate first, pardon later

An ad in Amigoe and in BonDia appeared just recently published by the MinInfra asking those who are building commercial projects without appropriate permits to come forward, they are given a chance to hand in their documents and the MinInfra will be evaluating their petitions, to see if their ass may be saved.

Basically, a window of opportunity for the pirate projects we see on Eagle Beach, Alto Vista and town, to complete the paper trail, and be pardoned.

The ad was odd. Because, it talked about the possibility of actual exoneration of commercial agreements made by developers who did not completely comply with the legal requirements for permits.

My hunch says the MinInfra is out to help a certain developer caught with his pants down. A particular developer which I couldn’t identify. Yet.

Remember, the MinInfra was initially asked to investigate the scope of the previous government commitments, BEFORE attempting to unstick half-finished projects and regulate pirates.

Parliamentarian Marisol Lopez Tromp also saw the ad as odd and dispatched a number of questions for MinInfra. She had demanded a complete investigation of Mr. Idon’tgiveafamn before moving on forward, especially in light of all those court verdicts condemning Mr. Idon’tgiveafamn’s style of management and conduct.

Basically, her point is: Investigate first, take inventory, seek clarity, share your findings, then call the culprits in one by one, and see what can be done about their monuments to lack of government control.

The minister was asked the following:

Why didn’t DOW or DIP intervene during the previous government?

Why didn’t DOW or DIP control the projects, and do they have a complete registration of the above.

Can the MinInfra send Parliament a written report on the amount of illegal construction in the commercial sector? What do DOW and DIP have registered?

Is it local or foreign investment? Can Parliament get a description of the projects, as well as a description of the type of exoneration offered and at which location?

Can the MinInfra hand in a list of commercial projects destined for Eagle Beach, Alto Vista and Camacuri, as well as a summary of the construction project around the wharf of Oranjestad.

Parliament passed a motion for the investigation of DIP and the management of the previous MinInfra. Can the MinInfra indicate if the investigation had started already and how far it reached?

Most importantly: What is the reason the MinInfra gives the possibility of exoneration priority? If investors acted against the law and started construction without the appropriate permits, or supervision by DIP and DOW, how did they become a priority?

Why not research first and pardon later?

In her last question Parliamentarian Marisol Lopez Tromp refers to the mention of building up, and asks how many floors?? What is the new ceiling on vertical construction.

We all want to know.

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June 21, 2018
Rona Coster