Introducing HTC, the new Ricardo Croes

While we’re all hanging mid-air, stressed, how will we meet the payroll at the end of September, how will we keep our heads above water, Tito Lacle conducted a survey on his Noticia Cla portal, about our voting habits with surprising results.

Introducing HTC, youth looking for change, Partido Hubentud Treciendo Cambio, a new political party. You may watch their interview with 24ora on line, they are protesting, they want change, a more social government with more compassion and understanding.

They protested the loss of 700Kg of fish, that could have fed many, they objected WEB’s water supply disconnections, they had asked GOA’s help for those unable to pay their car license-plate fees, and lamented the fires on the dump. They wanted an ‘Aruba di Opportunity,’ and denounced the vampire government.

That Wednesday with the MinInfra’s second basha bao installment at Parliament was the debut of HTC in a small press conference, across the street from parliament where three young locals introduced themselves to the camera.

The trio that came forward included Gilbert Web as the leader of the party, Roy Nel, and Latoyer Briggs his lieutenants.

They spoke up. Which is admirable, in comparison to the general apathy of islanders in general, and Arubans in particular.

Their movement rejects what they perceive as injustices, they have no plan for government nor platform, there are AGAINST, and we should listen because in Tito Lacle’s Noticia Cla survey they represented 80%, yes, eighty percent of the 18 to 24-year-old voter demographic, and they mostly live in Oranjestad.

Pay attention: 24.42% of survey participants belonged to that age group, which means HTC has a strong social media presence among young ‘urban’ adults, many of them first time voters.

Their remarkable survey-presence reminded me of the TikTok prank played on President Trump in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where hundreds of thousands of youth, signed up on line for the rally.

He was taken by surprise, then, when no one showed.

I was taken by surprise yesterday, when so many materialized, 639 participants.

The rhetoric of party leaders is all heart. They feel. The narrative reminds me a bit of the Mike Eman poetic flow about the poor and disenfranchised when he increased reparatie toetslag, by Awg 25, exalting the gesture, as if he just parted the water of the Red Sea for us to safely walk on dry ground.

Gilbert Webb has a history. He was part of the AVP boot camp for troubled youth and at the time I remember complaints about harsh treatments of recruits. Then the program folded.

More about the leader? His profile picture features him with a mouth full of chips. He posted his certificate of good conduct on line and he runs Stichting Pure Natural Herbal Therapy. Charismatic, no doubt.

So, yes, now that we domesticated Ricardo Croes and turned him into just another politician, his replacement came along, offering HTC, demanding a better social network, and improved assistance to the vulnerable.

Right, we got lost in silliness, and must take better care of the people of this island.


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September 08, 2020
Rona Coster