Indian Popup and Disastrous Astrology

Friday afternoon, we stopped at the Indian Popup Restaurant in town. The Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino did it again. Chaska was delicious. Chef Bhumi Raj walked around the dining room soliciting comments and reaping compliments.

I started with the potato croquets, mint mayo dip and continued with the creamy lentils. I tried the chicken Tikka roll and ALL desserts. Don’t fret. We shared. It was all very enjoyable. I find Indian cuisine irresistible. 

This weekend’s popup took place at Casa Matias, an art deco building at the head of the main street, just behind the Renaissance Marina Tower.

The two-story Casa Matias building with a large dining room floor and a wraparound terrace on the second was all dressed up in gaudy, gold embroidery and lame, with a special area reserved for an Indian Astrologer & Spiritual Healer.

Master Ram Das Shastry.

I went to see him for the sake of the experience, I paid $10.

The young man has been in Aruba for two months already, with his even younger bride, they got married on an opportune day, and he is on call as personal problem-solver for the next six months. He resolves money, children, health, partner, job and sexual problems; he fights evil spirits, voodoo, butu and witchcraft. He is available everyday from 8am to 8pm and guarantees 100% results.

I sat at the edge of the sofa across from him; he asked for my birth day and full name.

Very old, very old he said, when I responded. No filter whatsoever.

Then he asked for my right palm to be read.

Wow, no wonder the Indian community members are often fearful and depressed. This total stranger in fancy bright pink and yellow PJs, predicted disaster, unless I come to his office for an amulet designed to fend off all those envious, vicious spirits around me.

He went on to tell me that my once-strong health is deteriorating, that while I am a good person who helps others no one would help me in time of need, this he repeated twice, my love relationships were in the dumpster, but I will live forever. If I understood him right, ailing and alienated, not destitute, but otherwise quite miserable.

He clearly has no clue about our culture or psychology.  

I reminded him I paid him $10, and he then freshly asked if I only wanted good news.

We concluded the exchange by another firm invitation to visit his office for an urgent amulet, or portion. Whatever.

The take-away: If you have a $10 disposable bill, don’t hand it over to Master Ram Das Shastry. But it you insist, you may call him at Tel.: 6308526

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August 06, 2018
Rona Coster