In the wake of Covid19

A while ago I was told that a very popular associate from among those working for a large timeshare resort on Eagle Beach, passed away unexpectedly.

Owners knew him for 30 years and enjoyed lifelong friendships with him.

‘You should see the resort’s owners group-page on Facebook,’ I was told, ‘we have never seen a connection like that in 35 years in hospitality, the whole community was mourning.’

Judging from comments on that page, the man was much-liked and appreciated. Earlier in the year a group of owners even collected a generous amount via go-fund-me for the family to take him abroad, but the border with Colombia was closed.

I am not pointing fingers, but the fact that the hospital turned away all non-covid cases and postponed medical treatment for months, had its effect. People got sicker, some died.

The hero of my sad story had problems with his knee for a while and was limping. He went to his doctor and was sent to a specialist, told the problem was in his spine, up by his neck, and that he needed to have surgery.

Initially, he thought of going for a 2nd opinion, but the specialist assured him he could do the job, here. The surgery took place on a Tuesday in early March, and he reported to his colleagues at the resort the following day, that his surgeon came by to see him, and that the procedure went well, he was to be helped out of bed, to walk, on Thursday.

Sometimes between Thursday, and Sunday when visited by colleagues, he suffered a stroke which left him completely paralyzed. He complained about a head drain removal that incapacitated him, he explained, and as a result, he could only move his eyes and mouth.

By then the pandemic was here, and hospital visits were banned. A few days later the hospital released non-covid patients home, and bedridden, he could not even scratch his nose, let alone feed himself.

I’d better stop here because from now on the story dissolved into tears, bedsores, depression, serious weight loss and no serious medical help for fear of covid infection, for months.

Finally, back into the hospital, coma, some consciousness, and a premature departure into the after-life.

“I was really very emotional because we go way back,” says one of his colleagues. “We’re not quite sure what happened here, but covid19 had a drastic effect on the entire health care system here through interruption, delay, and elimination of screening, diagnosis, and treatment as well as important follow-up, and pain management, and a million other things that got pushed aside, and had dire human consequences.”

There was also another story that week, a popular bartender, found dead in his apartment. He complained about heavy chest pains earlier, went to the ER, they did not test him, they were in Covid19 mode. Given medications, he was sent home, and suffered a heart attack same night, lying on his face on the floor, where he was found on Monday, when he did not show up for work, by his colleagues from a neighboring timeshare resort who found he had been gone since Friday. The incident was reported in the local media. The above story, was not.

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November 05, 2020
Rona Coster