In the Right Direction

The MinJust conducted a press conference on February 14th, indicating he is moving us in the right direction, by creating a legal framework with clear guidelines to deal with Venezuelan illegals and asylum seekers.

For those of you who missed the conference, MinJust developed a four-pronged plan which he will be instituting this coming Monday:

Basically, he is of the opinion that there is an improper exploitation/interpretation of the international conventions endorsed by Aruba regarding Human Rights and Refugee and Asylum Seeker treaties, thus he will be introducing a new protocol to be signed by all airlines, that will clearly outline how to request asylum in Aruba, and under which circumstances.  

APIS & PNR = Aruba will require all airlines running that Aruba-Venezuela route to have an Advance Passenger Information System in place and start a Passenger Name Registry, submitting all passenger names a minimum of 62 hours ahead of flight, to be compared here to the island’s black-list of deportees, allowing Immigration to deny their re-entry.

Accelerated Asylum Procedure = There will be a system in place to process and evaluate those who request asylum upon arrival at the airport. No more dragging of feet. Cases will be looked at, approved or denied, and action will be taken.

Visa Violators = Action will also be taken against Arubans who failed to report visa violations of invited Venezuelan guests who came on vacation, and never left.  Those who stood guarantee for the disappearing tourists turned illegals, will have to answer to authorities.

Continued Severe Control = In total MinJust reports 2,000 deportation in 2018, this is a very high number compared to 800 in 2017.

It’s all moving in a Good Orderly Direction, GOD, but my sources tell me that ADDITIONALLY, the MinJust should also move in the direction of taking inventory, see what we have. The numbers of visa violators vary from 4,000 to 12,000 depending on who you are talking to. They are underground, and we should take inventory. They surely need medical help, they have kids who require schooling, how many of those are hiding in plain views?

So, the system at the airport is a positive development, but we also need to survey the population already here, they should have access to the asylum process too, granted a visa if their case is substantiated and deported if not.

(Remember that day DIMAS “announced an amnesty”? that should have given us an indication as to what’s happening.)       

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February 16, 2019
Rona Coster