In the aftermath of almost Tropical Storm Bonnie

Six days ago, we were told about a potential tropical cyclone and the hype machine went to work, perhaps buying GOA more time before a letter to CAFT is due, before tomorrow’s Kingdom Council meeting?!

But prior to pouring our hearts out, we have to be grateful nothing happened, could have been worse, this was a dress-rehearsal for our cracker-jack meteo and calamity teams, they should learn a few things.

What should they learn?

That prep for the storm is as important as recovery, and they crippled recovery by closing schools and GOA services today. I hear maybe tomorrow too.

Storms are fickle and change their minds and directions all the time; there was NO NEED to close schools and GOA services on storm recovery day, so far in advance.

It makes no sense.

Hotels are full, guests have been cooped up for 12 hours, they want to make up for lost time and employees cannot come to work because ARUBUS reduced its schedule.

This is ridiculous

The island will post much greater PRODUCTIVITY losses than storm damages.

The potential storm was hyped up to the extent that the Dutch public is talking about it, 38CM, they wish they ONLY had that on a normal day.

Aruba followed Curacao’s lead, in the preparations, though in Curacao, people went back to work today.


This ‘start up’ day, as the MinPres called it, hurts, not just because we bought some water we didn’t use, but because the WHOLE ISLAND shut down for light rain. Hotels were stuck with thousands of mouths to feed. Store owners lost thousands in income. People who had doctor’s appointments were canceled. If you had to have an operation today, it was canceled. Echo exam today? Lubida. Fresh food, aging in containers, for one more day. GOA just shut down the whole island for false-reading of the weather forecast. At 4pm yesterday, we knew it was a pussycat. MinPres had an opportunity to change course, true, we can never predict the weather, but we have to be flexible and remain open to pleasant surprises.

Bonnie was disorganized and failed to make an impact. It almost became a TS.

Consequently, all services should have been available today.

And under the cover of a general attitude-of-gratitude, that no damage occurred, WEB announced an increase in water prices!

What about electricity price, they also must go up by some 40%.

Both Elmar and WEB are losing money.

As a summary: After our current GOA got such good ratings during the pandemic and another election win for MEP, now, between the new LNT law, the ambtenaar salary reduction kafuffle, and the handling of this storm, we can start preparing ourselves mentally, to face the disastrous possibility of an AVP government. And, considering MEP must already know, they will be losing the next elections, why not spend the upcoming years making all the right decisions for Aruba’s future?

Get our landspakket done.

Balance the budget. Reform labor laws. Improve tax office efficiencies. Cut expenses.

Unfortunately, none of our traditional parties, MEP, AVP, want real reform nor do they want to make tough decisions, so brace yourself: No cost cutting; No refinery repurposing: Not even with the current pressure and AGREEMENT with the Netherlands.

And the smaller parties, can they affect change?

And the unions? They reject change as well.

There you have it: Nothing happens for the good of the country.


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June 30, 2022
Rona Coster