In preparation for ARUBA DOET 2019

ARUBA DOET 2019, will be the SEVENTH edition of the grass root, volunteer event, taking place on Friday, March 15th & Saturday 16th, 2019.  

Organized by CEDE Aruba in cooperation with Oranje Fonds, it’s the largest volunteer event on the island.

Recently at the Divi Phoenix ballroom, the main organizers were introduced, they are novice Stephany Phelipa & the veteran Thixianne Wever. They explained that jointly in the few months leading up to the event they will help identify and register social projects, secure materials and volunteers and generally preparing for the big action-packed, result-oriented weekend.  

They will be focusing on increased community involvement, on quality, sustainable projects, they will secure financial and material backing, plan all details, communicate with all stakeholders and promote the importance of volunteerism here, to mostly ensure that projects initiated are well executed.

With the hummingbird, a symbol of diligence and speed, as its mascot Aruba Doet sets out to beat last year’s record.  According to the director of CEDE Aruba, Daniel Tecklenborg, his humble and super-efficient organization working in collaboration with the Dutch Kingdom, handled 207 projects in 2018, mobilizing almost 4,000 volunteers.

The gathering at the Divi Phoenix ballroom included a brain storming session and an interactive exchange of ideas and was very well attended.

Should you also want to participate as a volunteer, sign up today and help a social organization or a good cause together with friends or colleagues, your school or company. Yes, you may sign up as an individual or as a company. Whether you help painting a school, repairing playgrounds or spoiling a group of elderly, you will always have fun!

Cede Aruba: Beatrixstraat 8

tel: (+297)5827666

cell: (+297)568 6984

fax: (+297)5839076

e-mail: [email protected]



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November 29, 2018
Rona Coster