In high-performing cultures, accountability is everyone’s job, even the king’s.

I read the recent story in the Dutch media regarding King Willem Alexander’s attempt at vacationing with his family in his private villa in the Peloponnese region, Greece, a mild code-yellow, as far as Covid 19 goes!

Then I saw the Prime Minister apologize for his own short-sightedness for not predicting the outcry, resulting from the Royal Family’s vacation attempt during Covid19 restrictions. PM Rutte said it was his fault and that the king was not to blame.

For those who had missed the headline-grabbing story: Despite warning against nonessential travel, the royal family, mom, pop and three princesses, decided to fly on the royal aircraft for vacation in Greece. Once in the air an uproar erupted as all members of parliament, the media and people in the street were outraged at that liberty to travel, just recently lectured against.

“Though the king’s vacation in Greece did not break any of the Netherlands’ lockdown rules, including new restrictions introduced this week amid one of Europe’s biggest coronavirus outbreaks, the government has discouraged unnecessary travel,” said CNN.

And that is why, having landed — they must have freshened up, bought a souvenir, and boarded KLM BACK to the Netherlands, cancelling their fall holiday plans.

BECAUSE: Some people operate under a higher level of accountability! Because in high-performing cultures, accountability is everyone’s job, even the king’s.


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October 19, 2020
Rona Coster