In general, the Aruba timeshare industry is a great economic powerhouse on Aruba

In honor of celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Timeshare Industry in Aruba, a report was commissioned by the Aruba Timeshare Association, ATSA, to provide an overview of the island’s timeshare landscape from data collected in 2017. The report was commissioned in collaboration with Aruba Tourism Authority, ATA, and prepared by the University of Aruba, UA.

The following is the last article of six, summarizing the report.

The following points are recommendations for the timeshare industry based on the 2017 commissioned study with the University of Aruba, Aruba Timeshare Association (ATSA) and the data collected by the Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.).

1) Work together with other hospitality and tourism providers to add value to the current timeshare product on Aruba – due to the age of the timeshare industry on Aruba, it is well-known, but could be losing some of its luster in the younger and older populations.

2) Target additional locations for timeshare owners, the U.S. percentage of ownership is very high (in student survey U.S. owners were more than 78% of respondents).

3) Promote to ‘lifestyle’ and ‘experience-based’ consumers who seek out unique experiences while on vacation and who like to promote themselves as having a certain kind of lifestyle. The large majority of the timeshare owners are higher income and therefore may want to have more luxury experiences on their vacation.

4) Prepare the timeshare product offering to fit the needs of this newer consumer out there, the Millennials – use more social media, gaming, group activities and promotions.

5) Market a tour/package for cruise passengers when they disembark so that they can learn about the timeshare product here in a more focused way.

6) Develop products for the younger and the higher income as they are more likely to purchase timeshares and spend money while here. Younger- timeshare itself, water sports; higher income- luxury or exclusive food and beverage, shopping and gambling options.

7) Create opportunities for shared value- partner with entrepreneurs in retail, hospitality, tourism to provide exclusive packages on the island

8) Higher visitation increases satisfaction, behavioral intentions; older visitors have lower satisfaction and less positive perceptions regarding their experience than younger visitors- increase visitation via repeat benefits, punch cards, discounts in some areas and market unique activities for older visitors to increase their satisfaction and/or word of mouth

9) Increase variety of things to do- maybe create unique experiences for older people like dinner with locals or connections with Aruban families and/or opportunities.

10) Females are more likely to recommend Aruba to others than males, but males are more likely to purchase another timeshare than females.

11) Knowing the existing limits to growth in the number of units, try to increase spend per group by encouraging opportunities to bring a friend or discounts for travel companions

In general, the Aruba timeshare industry is a great economic powerhouse on Aruba and is contributing in many ways to the overall Aruba tourism product. There are many positive attributes to the timeshare industry on Aruba and positive economic impact relating to many of the sectors on Aruba. There are some areas that can be revitalized as the timeshare industry moves into this new phase of reinventing or reinvigorating itself. Implementing several of the recommendations above and possibly promoting the change to thinking of ‘vacation ownership’ instead of ‘timeshare’ may help. Trying to add value to the overall timeshare experience by assessing the current product and by creating some unique experiences for guests can help. Targeting younger generations with a new spin on an industry that may need some polishing or some reinvigoration will help them want to spend more and improving the satisfaction of older guests by linking together unique experiences with the traditional Aruba that they know and love may be helpful as well.

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June 16, 2018
Rona Coster