ImSan kicks off a masterplan

In the heart of this week’s positive developments, Dr. Joel Rajnherc, a born-in-Aruba feisty and tenacious, now retired pediatrician, who over the past nine years, got 3 different ministers of health and an endless number of key-players to point their noses in the same direction. Kudos doc, you are a pit bull of a man, you sunk your teeth into the project and refused to let go!!

So, what’s the story? Instituto Medical San Nicolas (ImSan) a medical facility for ambulatory care, is managed by the above, famous, Dr. Joel Rajnherc. This relentless medicine man pushed and shoved and finally, this week, got his vision to materialize.

ImSan held a kick off ceremony for its new radio therapy facility, so that besides the dialysis department with 18 machines — since September 2013; the new Oncology Center will provide diagnostic services and treatment, within the next 18 months. The center will be treating 90% of the cancer cases in Aruba, with the exception perhaps of complicated brain tumors, that require more specialized machinery.

In collaboration with Baptist Health of South Florida, ImSan is also building 3 operation theaters for general surgery and one dedicated to Ophthalmology, eye surgery.

Rajnherc hooked up with Baptist Health around 2009, it was a chance introduction via a friend of a friend who knew the CEO. They were picked as consultants, and over the years the relationship worked well for both parties.

Needless to say, Rajnherc was overjoyed when in the presence of the MinHealth he sledge-hammered the door open, leading to the space about to become his bedless, ambulatory clinic.

He was also happy to report that ImSan which was set up as a Sui Generis, not a government agency but a unique independent legal entity within the public sphere — which allows a flexible organizational structure and work processes — secured all funding from local and regional financial institutions, to the tune of 60 million florins.

As a Sui Generis ImSan is run like a private sector company with financial results due every April 1st and every cent accounted for. As such, Rajnherc is determined to conclude construction, on time, on budget and on specs.

As the IMSAN medical director he has his hands full, but that has always been the case. Rajnherc practiced in the Netherlands for 12.5 years and 20 years in Aruba as everyone’s beloved pediatrician. In recent years he devotes all his energy to the ImSan day care, giving residents of San Nicholas a first-class medical facility.

Why a special eye surgery facility, I asked?

Obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure, he answered, we have an abundance of cases because of our sedentary life style. Ophthalmologists will fix and repair at ImSan, both AZV and private patients.

How will it all work, I asked? ImSan is making the investment and AZV will refer its clients and pay for the services previously unavailable here, Rajnherc explains. So, no more expensive travel to Colombia.  Cancer patients in need of radio therapy may stay home, and be treated here, huge expenses saved.  “And we dedicated a generous budget for staff training by Baptist Health to provide patients with an extra special level of care,” he adds.

It’s all great news: We just read about the new PCI, Percutaneous Coronary Intervention clinic at the hospital, fixing hearts, and now a new cancer center, with telemedicine capabilities connecting with the expert radio oncologist in Florida!  

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April 27, 2018
Rona Coster