If reported by three sources it must be true

Dentist Hendrick Marsman carried an interested newspaper clip on his FB wall, a Remitido, an opinion submitted by an intelligent reader writing good Papiamento, about the rough conduct of GNC , at Gelatissimo on Palm Beach as the officials in charge of protecting our coasts, Guarda Nos Costa, marched in demanding work papers and in the process alarmed all devoted ice-cream loving guests, on February 19th around 10pm.

I also heard from my friends that GNC marched into Divi All Inclusive around that date, around that time and publicly carted away a number of workers despite their vocal protestations that their ID papers are in the car, or elsewhere, and would be available for inspection if given the opportunity.

According to my sources, they were not given the opportunity and spent a lovely weekend behind bars.

Marsman is alarmed himself by the misconduct and expresses hope the MINJUST will bring about change. He also reported a first-hand experience in which one of his employees of 15 years, with a ‘firma-libre,’ was treated like a criminal, by the GNC official who did not introduce himself, did not show credentials, and went on the attack arrogant, and fresh, from the moment of contact.  

It was appropriate for Marsman to adds that indeed it is a Via Dolorosa in the present set of circumstances, under current GOA, to get any sort of work permit, and the process is a form of severe punishment!

Then another note came in my mail, making some very poignant points: Rona this is not a surprise – not any of it. While I was awaiting my permission 20+ years ago, year after year it was always like that when MEP was in power. I used to lament it is like the gestapo. Nothing against Evelyn she is an intelligent and civic minded woman but many of her supporters (many of whom are political thank you jobs) are Buchi ignorant bullies who no doubt would also want to build a wall. These imbeciles do not understand the impact they have on our visitors, the fear they instill when it “looks like” they are arresting the bad guys”, they do not understand the impact tourism has on their Dushi lifestyle nor the impact of social media in a negative way when something looks dangerous. And they certainly do not appreciate what all of us who came here with foreign passports contribute to this community. Why are they there on a weekend rounding people up? Because that way foreigners (or perceived foreigners who don’t have their papers on them) can spend the weekend in lock up if no one is around to help them. Like everyone else I’m sure Giannis Group is short staffed as are the rest of us, this type of behavior is typical MEP so you do not need to be surprised, I foretold this when the election results came in and we knew who would be forming the coalition. #nosurprise

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February 26, 2019
Rona Coster