I got a boot, but I lived to tell the story

On Friday around 5:30pm I approached the Palm Beach intersection and was reminded I am actually afraid of crossing it, now that the barricades are gone.

Since Aug 7th, 2020 to September 27th, 2021, the intersection saw 81 accidents with 32 injuries. Yesterday, with the Friday Happy Hour traffic, I was reluctant to put my life on the line.

I swung right, then left across the white stripes, a lovely U-turn, in front of the defunct RatLand, straight into the arms of the men in blue, lurking behind the bend, to fine anyone scared of playing Russian Roulette at the intersection.

He wrote me a ticket.

I was one of THREE HUNDRED that got fined yesterday.


I am petrified, I explained, this is a murderous crossroad. Nonsense, he insisted, you just have to do it, carefully, look both ways.

There was no use in arguing.

How about placing a Policemen at the intersection during rush hours to facilitate right of way? Because plenty of accidents are still waiting to happen while we wait for May 2022, when the promised rotunda will be built.

The Palm Beach intersection is a legendary public hazard, with its cripple traffic lights rumored to have spare parts on their way from Poland. It is now crazier, and more congested than ever.

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October 30, 2021
Rona Coster