Hurry Up, Deposit your Tickets Island Extravaganza Coming to an Exciting End

Thousands of tickets deposited in the tombolas at the Renaissance Mall and Renaissance Marketplace will be raffled when the eight-week long campaign titled Shop, Dine, Play and Win, will be coming to a happy ending on December 3rd, with the conclusion of Island Extravaganza.

The Mall, The Marketplace, including all shops, all restaurants, the Crystal Casino and the Seaport Casino proudly participated in the year-end activity which has already become a tradition on Aruba, and at the same time at the Renaissance Mall & Rif Fort in Curacao.

On December 3rd, the MG6 Fastback car will find new owners and the 7 days cruise, the trip to Miami for two, and the trip to Curacao for two, will be won and enjoyed, along many other spectacular gifts.

The marketing team of the Renaissance hosted a congenial press conference this week, urging all Aruban residents and guests to bring in those receipts to the hostess’s desk in the mall, fill out their raffle tickets, and make sure they too are included when the tombola spins, in the presence of the notary, this coming Saturday, at 9pm, on stage at the Renaissance Marketplace followed by a fireworks show.

The grand finale on Saturday will feature a twelve-hour party with Steel Band, Clowns, a Trunk Fashion Show, Wine Tasting and Live Entertainment with Click from 10am to 7pm at the Renaissance Mall and Dino Jump, Trampoline and Bungee Jumps for kids just across the street at the Renaissance Marketplace.

Also at the Renaissance Marketplace, an attractive food festival with many offers all day, also visited by Sinterklaas and his Black Piet helpers. The day will culminate with a musical marathon with two legendary bands, the Rincon Boyz and Double R, brought in especially from Curacao, before the raffle takes place. All winners should be present during the raffle to claim their prizes and present the team with a valid ID.

Don’t miss an exciting Saturday at the Renaissance downtown, free bus transportation from the hotels is offered, visitors are asked to kindly contact the concierge at their hotel for more information. Pictured here the marketing team, the amazing car, the hostess at the mall, the tombola and a happy client filling out tickets!

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December 01, 2011
Rona Coster