Human Right Violations and Creepy, distasteful, but not Illegal

Human Right Violations

For the second time in a few days, the undocumented persons held at a facility adjacent to the Reina Beatrix airport and the Fire Brigade, broke through the roof of their dorm, climbed onto the roof, and this time they sang, the Venezuelan anthem, and waved the Venezuelan flag.

Gloria al Bravo Pueblo, they sang, Glory to the Brave People, and onlookers chanted Libertad, Libertad, that is part of the anthem, themed around the quest of the oppressed, trembling in his hovel, yet insisting on freedom!

Very appropriate soundtrack for the drama.

There are about 30 individuals held in that facility previously occupied by an American military surveillance outfit, in other words a pre-fab office building, outfitted as a make-shift holding facility.

Most of the men have been there for six months, with nothing to do. No sport, no recreation, just left to stew, ‘until they can be deported.’

Half a dozen Police units and a few dozen men-in-blue congregated in the shade below, a ladder was brought, after a period of singing, and chanting, the two renegades, came off the roof, down the ladder.

They wanted to air their grievances.

A representative of the MinJust arrived, he heard then out, a few individuals at a time, blamed Venezuela and left.

The Police official in charge of the complex gave a long TV interview, no there is nothing we can to do, the border with Venezuela is closed, we tried to repatriate the illegals on a humanitarian flight, Venezuela refused, we cannot let them go, some are criminals who completed their KIA sentences, most are illegals who tried to come here by boat and were caught. We do our best, you cannot expect to be treated like a king, if you misbehave.

It is ridiculous that we are holding people locked up this long for being illegals. Those accommodations are terribly inadequate. There must be a better way to do this, because, at this point Venezuela will not help and will not take them back.

Perhaps you should stop picking them up, if all you do is cage them and then have to feed them three times a day, and make sure they are Covid19 free.

There must be an alternative. Let them sign themselves out, with the obligation to present every day, or every second day, like many already do. Have a third party pay a guarantee, with the exception of criminals, let the ordinary individuals go. Their offense was the desire for a better life. It is not a crime. It is a Human Right.

A second facility in Dakota, holds about 40 individuals, but has a slightly improved set up.

Creepy, distasteful, but not Illegal

When an old goat decides to text an 18-year-old, it is not a crime, it is creepy, and since she is of age – above 16 –  he cannot be labeled pedophile, and that’s why two moms decided to take matters into their hands, give the old goat a visit and break his window.

I am unclear about exactly what happened, but they did not cause much damage.

Their message however, was loud and clear: Stay away, creep, otherwise….

My legal Eagle friend speculates the Police arrested the two outraged mothers, the self-style vigilantes because of the threat not because of the damage, which is considered vandalism, and they would have been out in no time for vandalism, with the promise of a citation.

The Police might want to keep them for 24 hours, up to 3 days, just to send a message and issue a citation for a TOM-zitting, a session with a judge, for the destruction and the simple threat; or they might agree to pay damages and stay away from the lowlife, in order to be set free.

The community response was immediate. A few dozen friends and family members showed up at the Police station to support the folk heroes, and the online community was 100% behind the women: They might have committed an illegal act, but they were morally justified. They aimed to secure a solution to a challenge the justice system often fails to provide.


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July 22, 2020
Rona Coster