How to supplement your retirement income with Alpha Hulp, Yudansa na Cas

What I wanted to talk to you about is the following: I met a former colleague in the supermarket, we worked together at the Royal Cabana Casino, he was the paymaster, I was director of marketing.

Those were the days.

I remember him as an intelligent, educated, and quiet man, and found him to be a pleasant, retired, elderly gentleman.

As we were talking I realized his mind is sharp and he struck me as very alert. He shared how difficult it is to survive on Awg 1,000 government pension and asked me if I could recommend a part time job as driver or accountant.

He looked very underweight, and was only holding a loaf of white bread, which he bought.

I believe there is an opportunity here to start some kind of volunteer organization designed to find part time work for capable retirees so that they could supplement their pension income.

It was very touching to meet him. And he gave me his number.

I then started asking around and found out the following:

Since 2006 the White Yellow Cross provides community support in all areas, also to those who partially lost their independence, temporarily or permanently, via intermediaries, helpers, other people prepared to shop, do light garden and house work, drive, run errands, and accompany.    

If you are an able-bodied retiree who wants to work part time, you can sign up to become an intermediary, a helper, via Wit Gele Kruis, Alpha Hulp, Yudansa na Cas.

The elderly is helped, and the service-giver gets Awg 9,00 an hour.

I called 523 4444 the main office of WGK, asked for information, and they told me to go to the website. I did. There is no information about Alpha Hulp on the website.

So just go to the WGK, in Oranjestad, fill out a form, and sign up.

I also asked the director for some additional information and I am still waiting.

Bottom line: The opportunity to supplement income exists, but you have to pursue it, you have to go for it.

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October 03, 2018
Rona Coster