How much is too much, 2018 edition

I keep writing about over-development, but no one seems to listen

A total of 1,000 rooms at the Holiday Inn beach, that is insane.

The single-minded pursuit of financial reward doesn’t guarantee happiness, so in the case of an island marketing itself as the one happy island it is counter-productive.

This is what I found out from my friends

The owner of the Holiday Inn real estate, Alfredo Lowenstein of Lionstone Development, is totally convinced that the AI concept will work for him just the way it works at the Sunscapes Curacao, a so-so 4-star resort.

He has made great efforts to become the former MinInfra’s bosom-friend, and in the wake of a pleasure trip to Italy, and a number of family parties at the Holiday Inn, also sponsoring the creation of Plaza Padu, thank you, he finally secured the outgoing MinInfra’s signature on the AI conversion of his resort.

I understand the 200 rooms in the new tower will be rebranded as a Holiday in Express, while the other 400 rooms will become AI.  Then the developer has an option to tear down Moomba and build another AI tower, for a total of 1,000 rooms.

One of my friends who has a rude pen writes:  Just read it the news about the Holiday Inn planned conversion, and that the current MinInfra claims his predecessor signed the docs behind his back.

I’m completely flabbergasted.

Signing major contracts without authorization or economic study?

If you do the math, the AI and TS represent 78% of room inventory on Palm Beach.

The branded beachfront hotels are in minority, at 22%.

And the fact that the former MinInfra sealed a bad deal is a disgrace.

What was in it for him? A family party? A trip to Italy to drive around in a Ferrari, some wine?

We say: WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY, this conversion gotta stop.

Wasn’t this deal the reason for the MinTour’s resignation in the previous government??

Just have a good lawyer look at the docs and trash them.

GOA just enacted a law with a 40% ceiling for AI.

Why bother to sit in parliament if you won’t follow up on your recommendations?!

This is in direct violation of the people’s will on this island, we would like the development monster to slow down.

(AI = all inclusive / TS = timeshare)

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August 18, 2018
Rona Coster