How important is it?

When you are offended by something a friend or family member said, whether right or wrong, whether you have a good reason to be mad or not, ask yourself how important it is.

It is worth opening up Pandora’ box that might have negative circumstance, or let it go this time. You never know where this argument might lead. Is it worth it, or you can let it slide?

I wish our venerated leaders would ask themselves that question every once in a while, before acting and shooting from the hip. Let AVP have its silly meeting in the unpaid facility, which they now complain about having to pay for.

Their members must all be mentally challenged if they don’t understand that they caused the very thing they are bitching about.

You cannot always settle disputes in the court. One of the sides must ask: How important is it? Can I let it slide?

The Board of Directors of Parke Arikok resigned. They were all good people. Probably some of the best we have. They were replaced by some more excellent people.

Peterson/van der Wal/Arens/Thode resigned in protest, they did not feel the love, they felt controlled, they were not given space to exercise their magic, they were threatened and unappreciated.

But on the other hand, the minister accused them of being rebellious, ungrateful, a renegade board, marching to its own drum, betraying trust.

It’s a park for god’s sake. It’s a park.

Can we all get along, please.

I know there i$ money involved and real e$tate. But can you all stop and think, how important is it.

Especially the MinInfra.

Was it that important to replace SAC with SMAC? Did it make that much of a difference that it was worth insulting the veteran folks and humiliating them, by climbing over the heads?

Was it that important to pass the all-inclusive hotel legislation?  Did it make that much of a difference that it was worth brutally insulting the hotel industry to prove a useless point?

And AruParking. If an idea is force fed and imposed, it will be undone and abandoned as soon as its opposition gets a chance.

I found a good word in the dictionary: Con·sen·sus, kan’sensəs, meaning general agreement, harmony, concurrence, accord, unity, unanimity, solidarity.

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June 22, 2018
Rona Coster