Housekeeping Week activities at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino express appreciation

On the occasion of the International Housekeeping Week, September 12th to 19th La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino celebrated its hard-working back-of-the-house heroes.

The festivities took off on Monday with a plentiful, festive breakfast in the ballroom. On the program, warm words of appreciation and inspiration by Executive Housekeeper, Gisela Pallares, Assistant General Manager Jessica Franken and Human Resources Director, Tessely Koolman.
The following day, the Housekeeping Team was treated to a BBQ Lunch, in the ballroom, hosted by the Food & Beverage Team, honoring their fellow-professionals.

Wednesday ushered in a fun Karaoke Afternoon, a social event, where team members got to showcase their singing talents, in community.

Testing their sea legs, the Housekeeping Team did well on Friday’s Catamaran Sunset Sail, taking memorable pictures, and bonding over-water, as they sailed past Eagle Beach, and their resort. Aruba looked especially beautiful from the water.
Housekeeping Week culminated with a fantastic outing at P.F. Chang’s China Bistro where the Housekeeping Supervisors and the resort’s Management Team, dined leisurely, on excellent cuisine.

The week generated a lot of smiles, and goodwill, acknowledging the many important contributions made by members of the housekeeping department.





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September 22, 2021
Rona Coster