Hotel In Seroe Colorado

A voice-note circulated by an outraged Rainbow Warrior International representative further spilled the beans about the resort project in San Nicolas, destined to exactly the same spot where Bahia Principe was planned, before developers nixed it, when they realized they will be looking over a refinery.

Immediately after NoticiaCla announced that a 900-room hotel, casino, restaurants, pools, etc. are heading to Seroe Colorado – constructed in two phases, first 600 room all-inclusive and 2 years later a 300 room European Plan (i.e. non-inclusive) hotel — a report by “Sustainable Solutions Consulting N.V.” showed up in our mail boxes.

(With an investment of 60 million, this property will certainly not be high end. On the other hand, they’d better budget a fortune for upkeep in those harsh conditions with the salt air out to destroy practically everything, fast. We need bankers with deep pockets here, just to cover the maintenance cost!)

Aruba Birdlife Conservation was quick to point out that evening, February 7 – 2019, that the “Environmental Impact Assessment Baby Beach Hotel,” came from an anonymous source, from an unidentified company, conveniently declaring that “the future activities will have no influence on the environment or the ecology. Due to the fact that the surrounding landscape is a barren desert-like landscape it is not probable that activities from the hotel will overflow to the surrounding area.”

In view of the rushed manner in which the project was sprung, Aruba Birdlife Conservation declared that there was no due process by both GOA and partners, in which the public and the relevant NGOs were given a serious chance of meaningful participation.

Thus, ABC rejected this environmental assessment, as well as the looming project.

Rainbow Warrior International also tracked the developers, Three Rivers Real Estate NV, doing business as Center Point Real Estate, and reached a trust office, with three little old ladies at Intima Aruba NV on Watapanastraat 7, concluding that the developers are hiding their real identity, for fear of being correctly identified, and exposed as Venezuelans, Chavistas, with plenty of cash to hide.

My friends in the hotel sector tell me that there simply is no airlift to sustain another 900 rooms, and that Aruba should diversify, according to the IMF recommendations, and try other industries, perhaps.

Hiding the identity of the developer, popping an unsigned environmental report in our mail boxes cannot be part of a government that claims to champion integrity and transparency.

Please don’t spring any surprises like that on us.  

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February 13, 2019
Rona Coster