Herbs on the Beach episode 726

We have been talking about this issue for decades.

Drugs are being sold on the beach in Aruba, especially Palm Beach, and the only reason why we again talk about it, is a raid, conducted by the Police a few days ago in which they rounded up the usual suspects.

As soon as they were removed from the beach a secondary team of drug sellers took their place and business continued, as usual.

The Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association thanked the police, and asked them to repeat their action frequently, not just once in a blue moon, but consistently. And thank you prosecutor for showing interest, but you have to make the accusations stick, and put some people away. Don’t release the peddlers from jail within hours of their arrest.

I think they also asked for the locker to be removed.

A number of years ago some genius got the permission to install lockers at the edge of the beach so visitors could store their valuables while swimming. No tourist has ever used them. But the drug dealers are grateful. They have a safe place to store their goods.

REMOVE those lockers, how difficult is it?

Sure there is a demand for drugs. Tourists are eager to buy. If that is the case legalize pot, and make some money off it.

Imagine Customs inspecting a container of weed in the port and collecting BBO at the border. On the buying or selling price??

With all that money coming in, they might have to lower the rate, and alleviate our burden.

So, you don’t want to legalize it. You don’t want to remove the lockers, you only rarely want to conduct a raid,  and you don’t want the root canal, uncovering the boss, the organization that supplies the dealers. Dealers are small fry. I want to know who is at the head of the local crime organization, providing the beach bums with the packed merchandise.

There must be a well-financed and orchestrated wholesale organization here that feeds the retailers, who are they, and why don’t you invite them to spend a few years on an all-inclusive vacation at KIA.

Because a secondary team will take their place.

We know. A Vacuum always get filled.

Still, I believe that the first step would be to remove the lockers in the famous beach corridor. The idea was innocent, but its application ridiculous, and open solicitation must be curtailed.

For the record: Over the last few years the hotels and a number of companies, have begged and pleaded, the area is so populated with drug sellers, you cannot walk down the sidewalk without being engulfed in smoke. They call it dank, in Denver.

I asked for a reaction from friends, in tourism:

It’s not for a lack of effort on our part bringing this problem to the attention of the highest authority, including the prime minister, the minister of justice and the minister of the economy, which we did in writing, citing the experiences of our conservation, older repeat guests. Most communications are neither acknowledged nor responded to.  It’s a challenge and in my opinion, a big threat to our tourism asset on Palm Beach. The authorities have no interest in helping resolve this issue.



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July 26, 2023
Rona Coster