Help, water leak in garden

My water bill arrived without fanfare at Awg 772 for the month.

I stepped outside the gate to look at the meter.

It was spinning.

You might have noticed that I was away for a while, and in my absence, one garden water pipe decided to spring a leak.

Its neighboring bougainvillea is grateful and extra flowery.

I started calling around for help:


WEB NV only fixes exterior leaks. Nothing within the fence, but the operator tried to connect me with the concerned department, a number of times, without success.

Send us an email with pictures, she suggested. We will look at it.


The helpful pipe cleaner Rene Veldhuis, dropped some colleague names, he specializes in pipe cleaning, nothing to do with water leaks.


Total Services, said at first that they provided a Leak Detection service, but when the call was transferred to the plumbing department, they told me they no longer do it, because the sensor they owned is out of order, kaput.

Apparently, you need a musical ear to detect water flow, and tell the difference between a major leak and a secondary drip.


Fast Septic, reported they can start digging up the dirt, but it would take time, and they did not want to break flooring. They are ordinarily extremely helpful and sweet, but this time, they promised to return the following day, but did not. I cannot blame them.

And what if they dug and dug and did not find anything??

Without a leak detector, it’s an intelligent guess, at best.


Conar NV reported being terribly busy, BUT their experienced crew might be able to pinpoint the problem, but they couldn’t give me an appointment. If something gives, they will call.


297 Handyman? Their cell phone is disconnected. They asked me to fill out a form in which they gave me the choice to receive service in three weeks, or in one month.


Protec, said they were an ELECTRIC company, sure they installed some water meters, but their expertise is electricity, which is superior to water.


Bopel is a progressive company. It gave its people an exceptionally long weekend off and will not be available today. They will, however, contact me on Monday, with pleasure, and if staffers show up — one guy is sick, the others on projects – they will try to help.


Bottom line, NO ONE has a leak detection devise……….customers pay for plumbers to dig, in various places, sometimes break floor tiles, walls, taking a shot in the dark.


A detection device can be helpful, but one needs a trained ear, I hear.


WOW, I just saw a SMART water leak detector and alarm, for $69 on Amazon! It beeps when it hears water whooshing.






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May 10, 2024
Rona Coster