Healthy Living Menu at the Bread Boutique


The Bread Boutique is possibly the most popular lunch-room in the low-rise hotel area. It hides away at Sun Plaza, offering indoor seating and just a handful of tables on the shaded terrace.

The idea behind the Bread Boutique is pretty simple, really: bake warm breads continuously, make hearty soups from scratch every day and when they’re finished, they’re finished–come back tomorrow, see what we’ve got–serve only crisp and flavorful salads, stuff sandwiches and wraps with fresh veggies, make free WI-FI available, offer a variety of mix and match food combos, serve breakfast nonstop, brew fresh coffee in small batches, price everything reasonably and always offer small and delicious treats for dessert.

No wonder the Bread Boutique is as popular as it is.

Ok, one more prominent feature, owner Fernando, possible the most congenial, friendly, and accommodating man on the planet. And his hand-picked staff, they are living, breathing sandwich making gems.

And the painting on the walls lending the friendly dining room a splash of color are by Carina, Fernando’s artist wife, and they are for sale, should you decide to get the painting to go along with your sandwich.

Open for breakfast and lunch and snacks in between, weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Bread Boutique just introduced a new service, office delivery. Fernando is proud to say that the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association, and Aruba’s phone service provider Setar, even the staff at McDonald’s–yes the Micky D’s people–order their lunch in, from the Bread Boutique.

And another good piece of news: The Bread Boutique just started making a Daily Special, a home style lunch platter escorted by a drink for Awg 15.

You may order your food by phone or fax from your office and pick it up whenever, just call Tel.: 588-0503/Fax: 588-0490, or E-mail for special events and catering, [email protected].

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March 21, 2009
Rona Coster