Heads will Roll

Off with their heads is a popular political game, played in Aruba in state-owned companies.

Look, if you suck, you get sacked, no golden handshake, no significant severance package if you deserve to lose your job, you are simply fired.

Golden handshakes are only given when the firing is base on anything but performance. It means you need to move on and make space for the next better connected guy and thus old soldiers appointed by former governments, must go.

This is clearly paving the way for some related friends, to come in before the new GOA sits down.

It’s typical stuff, though totally unacceptable.

How does RAIZ feel about it?

When the Utilities NV guy left his post, it was political, but then again he was a political nominee in the function, he should have anticipated it from day one.

The Elmar NV dude seemed political, he was a good guy, qualified leader and all, his removal was perhaps a maneuver to please the Labor Union?

The quiet RDA dismissal seemed political too, because that guy pleased the former AVP MinPres immensely by creating top notch job, at fat salaries. He was removed quietly, because he was current GOA’s relative too, and likely received a juicy going away package.

The current WEB NV boys, seems political too, though it makes no sense to remove both at the same time, someone must step into those jobs immediately.

A family man, of course, Wever is a familiar name.

The common denominator among all those firings?

Richard Eman, in his role as hatchet man.

All we can do is hope they did not axe them for doing the right thing and then appoint some yo-yo that will do whatever the queen of hearts wants without blinking.

That could put our water and electricity at risk.

I have said before that these guys that hold our life lines in their hands, water, electricity, fuel, must be generously compensated for their leadership, and insight into the future, but who would want those electric-chair jobs? The next WEB CEO, as a proud professional, will surely negotiate a good exit premium right from the start for fear of job volatility.

Either way it costs us money.

Richard Eman mentioned in Amigoe a few days ago, that they want aggressive sustainable program for solar and wind energies. WEB and ELMAR have not been working towards that. That is, what he said, the reason behind their departures.

He too has an agenda which is directed by the Energy Gang, headed by RDA. The fuel for WEB remains a very lucrative money pipeline which is always the determining factor of a country’s transition to a more sustainable energy landscape.

But, it will be destructive to resist wind and solar initiatives, and alternative energy, the earth is heating up and we have to do our share to get rid of fossil fuels.

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August 03, 2021
Rona Coster