He who sows winds, reaps storms, writer’s name withheld

This was written by one of my friends in Papiamento, the original version below, I put it into English because he makes a good point saying that GOA’s behavior rubs on our people. If GOA behaves badly, it signals to our people that gloves are off, and civility obsolete.

  1. The Hunger Strike at Fort Zoutman, instigation against the governor, against political opponents, and against the Dutch, the macambanan. Signal to people: A lack of respect for authority is OK.
  2. Creating a disaster with public funds. Signal to people: No need to pay attention to due process or rules, just go on spending.
  3. Political persecution of public employees, appointment of friends into the government apparatus and the distribution of work contracts among ‘Coordinators’: Signal to people: Don’t worry about rules, budget or proper accounting, friends and family come first.
  4. Creating a business with work permits, granting special exemptions, trading land-leased terrain. Signal to people: As a politician, you may enrich yourself and all those involved.
  5. Creating chaos regarding tax exemptions and write-offs, in particular tax cases. Signal to people: Those who can, can. Nothing for you, everything for me and my friends.
  6. Making errors, bordering with fraud in state-owned companies, such as the hedging deal and its 304 lost millions, instituting different water and electric-current tariffs, cellular fraud for over 10 years by providing us with refurbished cells instead of new ones, hacking Arubus, granting a gasoline deal to a private company. Walking away with little consequence. Signal to people: You are stupid if you don’t take advantage of an opportunity to get rich.
  7. Ignore the instruction of the electoral committee regarding the stipulated time for party list presentation. Signal to people: The MinPres and the party are omnipotent.
  8. Organizing party-sanctioned disturbance during the recent Political Debate on August 17, 2017 during the Chamber of Commerce event, allowing out-of-control party members to interrupt incessantly. Signal to people: It’s ok to ridicule and put down your opponent as a form of promoting your own cause.


Polarization, instigation, manipulation of opinions, fanaticism … are these the example we set for our youth? … Does this create a tranquil and prosperous Aruba? Will this bring our students studying overseas, back to the island?

… a divided people, is a lost people …

Quien siembra vientos, recoge tempestades:

  1. Huelga di hamber na Fort Zoutman, instigacion contra gobernador, contra oponentenan politico, y contra e macambanan. Signal pa pueblo: falta di respet pa autoridat ta permisible
  2. Hasi y deshasi cu fondonan publico. Signal pa pueblo: no mester tene cuenta cu proceduranan y reglanan pa (mal)gasta plaka di pueblo
  3. Persecucion politico di ambtenaar, nombracion di amigonan den aparato gubernamental y partimento di arbeidscontrat cu coordinador. Signal pa pueblo: no worry cu reglanan presupuestario di contabilidad pa friends y family
  4. Negoshi di permiso, negoshi di ontheffing markttoets, negoshi di terenonan erfpacht. Signal pa pueblo; ta permiti pa enrikisa bo mes como politico y esnan involvi
  5. Crea un chaos na impuesto pa asina regla un par di asuntonan di belasting. Signal pa pueblo: il que peux, se peut (esun cu por lo hasié)…smal pabo, hanco pami y mi friends and family
  6. Hasi erroran of fraude na companianan estatal manera e hedging deal y su perdida di miyones a costo di tarifanan di awa y coriente y e dividiendo pa caha di gobierno, fraude cu cellular pa mas cu 10 anya cumpra cellular refurbished bende na prijs inhusto, hacking di Arubus, pasa deal di gasolin pa un compania priva ETC…and get to walk away sin consecuencia. Signal pa pueblo: bo ta kens si bo no enrikisa bo mes
  7. Ignora instruccion di Kiesraad pa entrega lista di partido na e ora stipula. Signal pa pueblo: minister presidente y partido na mando por hasi kiko nan kier
  8. Organisa disturbio durante Debate Politico di 17 Augustus 2017 organisa pa Camara di Comercio sin ordona y calma fanaticonan di partido. Signal pa pueblo: ta okay pa grita hasi bofon di oponentenan politico tanten bo alaba bo representantenan di partido


Sembra polarisacion, instigacion, manipulacion di opinion, fanatismo…esakinan ta ehempel pa nos hubentud?…esaki lo crea un Aruba trankil y prospero pa futuro?..esaki lo encurasha nos studiantenan afo pa bin Aruba bek?!…

…un pueblo dividi, ta un pueblo perdi…

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August 21, 2017
Rona Coster