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Hilton sponsors Aruba birdlife calendar 2020.

Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino has again sponsored the new Aruba birdlife calendar. The 2020 calendar was presented to General Manager Vasco Baselli by cute twin sisters Kim and Liz Peterson. If the name sounds familiar then sure, they are Greg Peterson’s nieces.

The 13 bird photographs were made available by 7 bird photographers.

Two of them are related to the national Shoco conservation project. The funds generated by the sales of the calendar support this conservation initiative designed to support Aruba’s indigenous Burrowing Owl, by placing artificial Shoco burrows around the island at favorite Shoco habitats.

The 2020 bird calendars can be purchased for Awg 12,50 at Huchada Bakery in Santa Cruz, Best Deal Aruba in Paradera, Veterinary Clinics Aruba in Wayaca and in Noord, and at CONVET – Contreras Veterinary Services in Shaba. All proceeds go to the Aruba Birdlife Conservation Foundation.

Into the Future with Utilities, WEB & ELMAR

They kissed and made up. WEB & ELMAR, under the umbrella of Utilities NV, signed on the dotted line to received 500 million florins, a comprehensive JOINT financial deal, guided by Finance Quest.

After one and a half years of negotiations, the money was made available by 10 participating lenders, the locals banks, insurance companies, and pension funds, here and in Curacao.

Congratulation. You now have money to take us into the future, stepping away from heavy dirty oils, into a more efficient, cleaner, environmentally-friendly production system, maybe even natural gas down the road.

Perhaps make energy cheaper??

We wish.

Spend carefully! This is not YOUR money. It is OUR money. Treat it with utmost respect and care.

35 Million? Bubali could use the money.

Remember the Bubali Aeration System, report, the one that warned us that Bubali Plas, is full of s.h.i.t., and can no longer handle the amazing quantities of waste we produce? Running at 50% efficiency, and costing a ton of money to manage, because of these inefficiencies?

DOW made a presentation to AHATA recently in which it reiterated the URGENT need for funding to repair the plant BEFORE an environmental disaster.

The project requires $350,000 for the basin, and around $10 Million for the plant itself, if GOA is about to demand a 35-million-florin kickback from tourism, the money should go toward that.

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November 28, 2019
Rona Coster