Happy Saturday

We were photo shooting for Island Temptations Magazine yesterday and will continue today. So I dug into the bottom of my drawer for a happy news item for Saturday morning and found one, which was much discussed in the local media this week.

Gas prices in Aruba went up recently, while the price of oil is going down, elsewhere in the world.

Apparently, when Valero managed our gas prices, it was under a system of checks and balances with our government, which controlled what they were asking.

But today, the entity in charge, the former Valero Marketing Services, is in the hands of the government, as part of the Valero/CITGO deal. No more system of checks and balances, they set the price, then they approve it. So now they may in fact increase the prices as they please, and that is why oil prices are down, but gas in Aruba is up 6 cents.

Most people did not question it, but I did hear some government official on the radio, defending the position, explaining that oil prices here are based on US Gulf Coast prices, adjusted every second Wednesday of the month. These prices remain relevant until the next second Wednesday of the month, except for interim tax and excise increases, which are decided locally.


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January 14, 2017
Rona Coster