Happy Press Day

This columnist is taking a day off in honor of Press day.

In fact, why not take a few weeks off writing, I will still be posting items of interest on FB, but otherwise I will be taking a break.

When Karin Swiers suggested three years ago, Nov. 1st, 2015, to transition my once a week column to a daily 8am buzz on line, I did not know that this thing will take my life over, the way it did.

And I love it.

We are here to create opportunities for ourselves, this is our job, we should also be open enough to recognize good advice.

The column starts writing itself in my head, then it edits itself in my sleep, I suppose, then in the morning, during my walk, I mull it over, and when I get home all I have to do is sit in my lovely office, with any number of dogs around for inspiration, and I hammer it out on the keyboard, with just two fingers.

At that time, I am already rushed, hence typos, I am hereby apologizing to all readers who get offended by typos. My work is imperfect, but I deliver a column almost every day, so you gotta forgive a glitch or two, and if you can’t, would you volunteer as my proof reader?

One last thing: Fireworks went off in my head when I heard the dump is indeed closed and that ECOTECH/ECOGAS signed a six-month agreement with GOA, to process our trash. Yes, effective a few days ago, our trash gets sorted. Not just dumped. Then compressed and baled. Serlimar has the honor of burying the eco-friendly remains.

How did I find out? A friendly hotelier reported his resort’s tipping fees just tripled, went from Awg 60 to Awg 180 overnight.

He explained that from now on all businesses with compactors and large trash containers, will carry this significant increase, in fact subsidizing residential trash collection, set at a very low and reasonable Awg 25.

Listen: Someone has to pay for trash removal and processing. The former MinInfra can cry all he wants, he is ridiculous. We finally went from barbaric dumping to civilized processing, this is a positive development.

And thank you hoteliers and AAA for carrying the financial burden, this is your contribution to our community and we are grateful for that.   

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September 01, 2018
Rona Coster