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If anything, the new bridge proved that the locals have a great sense of humor.

The comments posted on social media were hilarious, see below at the end, some of them.

I watched a few minutes of the bridge celebration footage, and remained perplexed, how can MinInfra think that he totally fulfilled our every need by providing us with just asphalt and clinkers? How can the MinPres declare at the top of his lungs, fist clinched and raised that CAFT found our national debt the lowest in our history? What are these people drinking, or smoking?!

And the poor Padre, his vestments flapping in the wind; he is the latest recruit to the green marketing machine, talking about connectivity as if he just witnessed the Medellin Metrocable introduction linking the comunas with downtown. Are you kiddin?! Did you just have a sip of the MinPres special Kool-Aid?

The bridge is obviously FAR from being finished, but in honor of the Líder Máximo’s seven-day, fifteen-cakes birthday party, the bridge was pronounced open, though in reality we’ll have to wait until the end of the year to actually drive on it.

It was his birthday, he gave himself a party, what don’t you understand?

It reminded me of another ridiculous project, the tram, and the staged ‘inaugural’ ceremony on December 2012, while in fact the tram became operational YEARS after that.

Vale Croes, where are you when we need you. Vale would have had a ball with this kind of material.

Many people asked me where Jorge Celedon went.

Do you think I scared him off J?

Or perhaps he is still waiting at the airport for a pick up?!

(Remember this is a gossip column, not the gospel)

The highlight of the bridge production was the NINE minute MinPres screech. It wuz da bomb: He must have bus driver Nicholas Maduro as his elocution coach, it was pure *demagogy, from content to body language.

And all that hugging and self-congratulatory shoulder slapping, in the heat, with large pools of sweat under every arm pit. They were all pretending to have a fantastic time.

Our election campaign is a reality show: There’s nothing real about it.

And pay attention to the green robots, no ears, no noses, no mouths, they are the perfect party followers.

Serge Mansur: “It’s a great day. Finally, after centuries of separation the two parts of Aruba have been united. No more crossing the dangerous river in canoes being attacked by crocodiles, sharks and dragon fish.

No more standing on opposite sides of the water and communicating by morse code mirrors or smoke signals.

No more tearful goodbyes and years of living apart wondering whether the family will ever be reunited again.

There is a bridge. I can’t wait to finally see the other side after 50 years. I hear they have a refinery and a marine base there – and caves!

One small bridge for man, but a giant bridge for mankind!

Geronimo Molina: I have wanted to explore Savaneta and San Nicholas for many years, and never could, it wasn’t easy to get there, one needed a helicopter or a boat, but now all this has changed, with the bridge, I can’t wait to go on vacation, driving to these exotic destinations in my car; my dream became a reality, I will be introduced to parts of the island I never knew.  #historia

Juan Werleman: WhHahaaa 725 million for 10 kilometer that’s 72.5 million per kilometer, it’d better be marble paved, with silver handrails, cat-eye and diamonds studs.

*Definition of demagogue: A leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.

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September 04, 2017
Rona Coster