Happy Labor Day

The government surprised the private sector with a public announcement on April 30th, one day ahead of Labor Day, May 1st, 2019, when GOA reported via social media and news media, that the minimum wage has been increased with 3%.
New minimum wage rate is now: Awg 1,762.48 per month, Awg 411.07 per week.
AHATA and ATIA (the two large employer associations) received ZERO previous notice of this decision.
GOA timed it nicely for Labor Day, to demonstrate its commitment to social idealism.
IRONICALLY, on April 29th, all private sector entities were present at the Tripartite dialogue, together with ministers. The forum was talking about UNION, and working together…
GOA asked the private sector to come up with ideas on how it can collaborate more effectively with government entities and the unions. They solicited an idea on how to honor Labor Day.
Then out of left field, Boomshakalaka, a triumphant dunk: 3% minimum wage increase.
Not a word that this was coming, while they had ample opportunity to share the news at the meeting.
We call it lack-of-transparency.
Not a good way to start an open exchange on labor and social issues.
Another social monologue on the horizon?

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May 01, 2019
Rona Coster