Gratitude, RdA & QCA, Dimas


Overall it was an emotionally charged year.  

On top of my list for thanks giving, the Dutch kingdom and the benevolent financial umbrella, it opened over our ungrateful, stubborn heads, keeping us afloat, powered by generous subsidies.

May all decision-makers there be blessed, and may they win the next election, in March, so that the same humanistic, socially-responsible attitude prevails.

Next on my list, my friends who fed me, members of the Supper Club, and those who kept me company.

Special thanks to those who demanded that I write every day, and provided lots of materials, giving me a sense of purpose and an important mission.

Thank you, son #1, for being the champion of the grill, you helped me keep my weight down and my spirits up!

While we didn’t travel, thanks to my Audible app, I read more than 60 books, mostly classics I devoured in busy times, too carelessly fast. I re-read them in 2020 with new appreciation.    

My garden looks the best it ever looked, I spent some time there. I have a new dog, Coco, since April, adopted from the kill cage, she is a self-absorbed darling, but she loves me.

It was an excellent year for outdoor exercise, watching nature making a comeback on the island, especially during the past two months, supported by the La Nina rainfall.  

I told my house doctor to put me first in line, on the list of those receiving the vaccine, in January!

Last but not least, thank you visitors. You came back as soon as we opened the border, and looking at the economic disaster in the USA, our core market, we should be extremely grateful for every visitor coming our way.

Disappointments? There were many. One Happy Island, was exposed as One Wasteful Island, stuck in old ways, refusing to reset. As the year comes to an end we are 9 months into this pandemic and NOTHING MUCH has changed in the way we organize this country. We don’t even talk about it anymore. The only protests so far are against loss or income and benefits, while the island has minimal income, we are recovering, but obviously very slowly.

One of my friends is set to establish Partido Anti-Waste Arubian, PAWA, hoping to recruit voters to the cause!  I say, Good Luck!


Today: GOA is reportedly going to receive some money from this non-company, Quanten LLC. What we know about QCA? Nothing much. They just about exist, founders are working to give the impression that there is a project, but it’s all smoke and mirrors. My sources report that QCA has no office, no personnel, no bank account, no funds, and no oil background, as they are just dreamers. They are fighting tooth and nail to have financing, anyone to fund them in any way, but today, they must show us some cash for the early advance/deposit for the terminal. Let’s see.


As you know ATA came up with a truly good idea, Workation, attracting young digital nomads, as long-medium-term visitors, to work here by remote, for an extended period of time.

It was a promotion, not a policy and as a result some of these innocents, lured to the island by the promises of fantastic work conditions, are stuck in limbo:   

A reader writes: Just thought of you as we try to deal with Immigration and Dimas. GOA can’t seem to plan ahead and no one knows what’s going on. How can we make them move? Tourism advertised in September and October a 3 month workation…. during October, November, and December under the previous rule, allowing visitors up to 180 days, per calendar year, as US passport holders. Many took advantage of the deal, and could potentially stay January, February and March too. BUT, the immigration website doesn’t work so they are instructed to email [email protected] and hope for the best which is basically NO response. We’re all trying to do the right thing. Happy to pay for more insurance. Happy to show we’re not working locally but by remote. Happy to keep spending money on the island, if someone could ensure that if we leave, we’ll be let back in!

One of us even bought a house here, just paid taxes for license plates for a truck, but he is super concerned, he’ll get black-listed by Aruba because he overstayed?!

Shall we hire Immigration Consultancies??  

I understand Immigration doesn’t have the power to extend 180-day anymore and DIMAS, is the only option. Should we apply for residence??
Do DIMAS and Immigration work together at all?

Someone must have thought this Workation out?! Or not?!

We’re facing interesting economic conundrums everywhere. Aruba could temporarily take advantage of those individuals wanting to tread the line between ‘tourist’ and ‘resident’ with a temporary residency tax of sorts. 

ATA convinced people to come visit the island and now those people want to stay the full term, but…. DIMAS is not responding.  


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December 31, 2020
Rona Coster