Gossip not Gospel

I always say that my column offers gossip, not gospel, if I hear a story from two different directions, I use it, under the premise that it is Bati Bleki, what people say, the stories floating in the air.

And occasionally I get into trouble and have to rectify my writings, and I don’t mind doing that, because if I am wrong, I am wrong.

So here it goes:  “On the 1st of March I have made the unfounded statements that the company PMEC belongs to Minister Mike de Mesa, and that his company has hired Venezuelans instead of experienced Aruban. These statements are false, and have no merit. I have failed to verify the malicious rumors on which I based my statements and herewith issue a formal and sincere apology to the company PMEC.”

I hope my community will continue to read and continue take my columns with a grain of salt, maintaining some healthy skepticism, because what I offer is gossip, not gospel.


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March 04, 2017
Rona Coster