Googly eyes looking closely

Pristine Estates NV and the local office of the prosecutor reached a deal we hear, in the case officially named Ostrich, Avestruz.

That means that the counterpart looks pretty guilt, right, if to avoid a hoopla you pay one million, it means there was a hoopla, right??

Apparently there was enough evidence to prosecute the developer for bribery of a minister, but by making a deal they avoided the messy encounter in the court room, avoided the confirmation of guilt and collected a higher fine.

Logic dictates that if there was enough proof that money was paid, under the table, there must be proof that money was received, into a private pocket.

This afternoon, I will dig a bit further, for a Monday’s column, but you should know, that there was fire, where there was smoke, and land deals conducted under the stewardship of the former, former, Minister of Infrastructure were corrupt.

Keep fingers crossed that those who took the bribe will suffer from repercussions, because the Ostrich took its head out of the sand, pointing its googly eyes in the right direction, and looking closely.


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February 05, 2022
Rona Coster