Good morning peeps and Happy Ascension day.

This is the last off day, for a while, from now on it’s only work, work, work, very little play.

As I was unclear about the origins of the day, I checked it out. Today marks the time when Jesus ascended to heaven for the final time following his crucifixion and resurrection. It is on the 40th day of Easter and it’s always a Thursday, so Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion, Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection and Ascension Day remembers the bodily ascension to heaven.

This is what I found on line:

Ascension Day Customs in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, a custom is ‘dauwtrappen’, which literally means ‘treading the dew’. People wake up at dawn to go for an early morning walk or cycling tour. This tradition can be traced to the past when people used to wake up at 3am on Ascension Day, to walk barefoot through the grass and sing and dance, and celebrate the arrival of new life in nature.

It is a day of reflection.

And here is my conclusion: Over the past days there was some talk about the introduction of a scanner to all polling station, on election day, enabling a fast vote count at the end of the day and quicker results. It might have slowed the process, one scammer for every 4 election booths, and it might have jammed, as scanners always do, and there might have always been the danger of inadvertently making the voter’s choice known, by virtue of opening the folded ballot.

An outcry erupted, a letter was sent, opinions were aired, GOA members agreed to agree and, CLA, the scanner idea flew out the window and MinPres personally Kiboshed it, stating it is redundant, and casts aspersions on the election process, delivering a high level of distrust.

That was fast and efficient. Fantastic. We didn’t like it? It was booted out.

We should have the SAME communal response every time an irrational, or redundant idea crops up in the minds of our leaders.

And with the same alertness and on-the-ball attitude we should ask all political parties about their: Government Spending Policy, Refinery Solution, Bubali Plas Rehab Plans, Plastic Ban, Waste Management Policy, Windmills and Alternative Energy Management, Mental Health, Marijuana, Banking Over-Regulation, Gay Marriage, Drug Policy, Student Loans, Political Donations and Campaign Finance, Taxes, Unemployment Benefits, Flexing of Labor Laws, Labor Unions, Gray Market Economy, Flora & Fauna protection, Child Protection, IMMIGRATION POLICY.

That’s it, nada mas.

Dedicated to @LillyDoes


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May 13, 2021
Rona Coster