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The hospital circulated a report regarding Covid19, which is worth repeating: The majority of those hospitalized recently were not vaccinated.

Aruba received the first Pfizer vaccine on February 17th, and started tracking side effects and the effectiveness of the vaccine, then.

Till June 3rd, a total of 63,925 persons were vaccinated here, with minimal, run-of-the-mill side effects, which were all reported to DVG, the Health Department.

We may conclude that the effectiveness of the vaccine is 95% as promised, based on the following DVG findings:

From February 17th to June 3rd, a total of 3,010 persons tested positive for COVID-19 of which 2,859 did not receive any vaccines, 151 received one vaccine and 19 received both.

Of the 3,010 positive results, 250 were hospitalized for extra care needed as a result of respiratory challenges, related to Covid19. They mostly required oxygen. Of them a total of 235 persons were never vaccinated and just 5 received the vaccine, but were infected by Covid19 after their first shot, before the vaccines became effective. Meaning they were infected within the 14 days stipulated for effectiveness to take hold. Ten people received one vaccine, and three received both- they were hospitalized more than 14 days after their vaccination, with complications caused by the virus.

Among those who had two vaccines, none were admitted to the ICU.

DVG continues to promote the Covid19 vaccines and reports that those vaccinated if and when infected exhibited light symptoms, and recuperated easily. Which proves that the vaccines minimize the possibility of severe complications and/or death, from the virus.

As a result of the low rate of infection, thanks to vaccinations, GOA just published an update on the Covid19 rules, effective Wednesday, June 9th, that also reflect the state of our recovery:

Should you be in contact with a person with a positive test result, if vaccinated more than 14 days, you no longer require quarantine.

Masks are now recommended, but not obligatory indoors, when social distancing is observed.

Businesses may no longer require facemasks to enter.

Sporting events, with the exception of contact sports, may have an audience.

The ban on congregation in public areas is annulled.

Fully vaccinated persons traveling from Curaçao or Bonaire no longer require PCR test to enter Aruba. Passengers are required to print out their vaccine certificate from the Health App, when traveling between the ABC island.

Closing hours remain the same.

The ban on large group events is on.

While Aruba is recovering faster than expected there are still 4,000 people on FASE, and 14,000 people on wage subsidy. The Netherlands’ commitment for liquidity loans continues, and the economy has not yet fully recovered.

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June 08, 2021
Rona Coster