Gloria’s Market

Gloria, Movies, Dining & Entertainment, just opened the elegant doors of Gloria’s Market, an upscale food and liquor store. They are still stocking the shelves, and a few items are still missing, but I wanted to tell you here, first.
Gloria’s Market delivers a beautiful shopping experience with many different and unique products from around the world. I notice quality Italian pastas and olive oils, balsamic vinegars from Modena, charcuterie of every kind including many types of sausages, Spanish dry cured Jamon, Dutch, Greek, French and Italian cheeses, Italian Torrone, Christmas Panettone in fancy gift boxes, Lavazza coffee, French green pepper corn, Fleur de Sel, de L’ile de Noirmoutier, highly appreciated flowers of salt, escargots, real frozen duck liver pate, smoked duck breast and chestnuts, Lavender, Sicilian bay leaves, snacks from around the globe, Himalaya salt. Did I mention German marzipan? My favorite.
The store opens from 10am to 9pm, seven days a week, I imagine that it will carry the Tropical Bottling liquor portfolio and Balashi beers.
Best of all, they make gift baskets. They are fully stocked/equipped to create the best baskets under the sun, in honor of the holiday. Am hoping to get one, one day, they are beautiful.

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December 01, 2023
Rona Coster