Gifted Fish VS Learning How to Fish

The XCLUSIVO Virtual Debate between MinFec, Minister Xiomara Maduro and Accion21’s Miguel Mansur, was super interesting. MinFec gallantly opted to be called by her name not by her title. She talked like a patient elementary school teacher and Miguel like an economist.

She talked around the issues, he talked about them.

To me an excellent portion of the debate dealt with poverty on the island. Moderators stated that according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, CBS, 15.9% of homes in Aruba are living in poverty and severe deprivation, with a similar number subsisting in slight, to moderate poverty.

What should be done about it.

The two protagonists answered very differently, reminding me of the story of the poor village, given fish or being taught how to fish.

The minister talked about food programs, controlled prices, social network strategies, and Miguel stuck to his narrative: The government’s job is to facilitate, streamline processes, reform the cumbersome way we do business to allow the entrepreneurial spirit to soar, and in the process feed the masses. The government should do less, and allow the private sector to do more!

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May 26, 2021
Rona Coster