Get People Back to Work, and Dismantle Arubus

Get people back to work

A recent article sent to me, see link below, argued the following, that we have three goals right now: saving as many lives as we can, making sure that our medical system does not get overwhelmed — but also making sure that in the process of achieving the first two goals we don’t destroy our economy, and as a result of that, even more lives.

That article was very enlightening, but the subject, had already come up before.

People have to go back to work otherwise this pandemic will bring many more bankruptcies than deaths, and the only people to survive the economic disaster will be the affluent.

If you are rich you will survive.

If you are poor, you’re doomed.

So GOA must get people back to work, it will make them feel better, just throwing money their way, will not fix our personal and communal economic crisis.

So come the beginning of April, we flatten the curve, having spent two weeks in isolation, now it’s time to fix the Bubali water treatment plant, fill holes in the road, get back to social and national initiatives, such as the Aruba Doet projects, paint schools, and undertake as many maintenance projects as possible.

We will emerge from the crisis proud, and in better shape than before.

New Deal for Aruba

This morning a full size Arubus stopped at the head of my street allowing ONE man who works in the area to get off.

Yesterday, a woman. One woman got off the 7am bus to Malmok.

Imagine the expense of running that bus.


We cannot continue doing same-old, same-old, we have to start doing things differently.

Dismantle, take Arubus apart. No more.

Allow the drivers to become self-employed as minibus owners/drivers.

This will be our UBER. Let the taxis service the hotels, as the former Arubus drivers who now work for themselves, having bought a minibus at special financial terms, serve the local market, getting to every single street and barrio.

I wrote about this before. Just make it happen, it will improve our public transportation system and save us lots of money in the long run.     

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March 24, 2020
Rona Coster